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BayamoThe Bayamo city, capital of the Granma province, historical city and also known as the cradle of the Cuban nationality, it s located in the Cuban East center, limiting with Las Tunas, Holguín and Santiago de Cuba counties , and surrounded by the beautiful and historical Sierra Maestra, scenario of the main fights of the Cuban people.
At the beginning of the X1X century, begin the first independences movements , that marked in l968 the beginning of the fights for the Spain´s independence , that gave place to the abolition of the slavery, it is in Bayamo where the first time the Bayamesa is sung, which becomes the national hymn of the Cubans later on. Before leaving it in the Spanish governments of the time, the city was burn at January of l869.
With a population of more than l80.00 a thousand residents, Bayamo is today the main economic center of the Granma County, in the city reside the governments and the state main institutions, it has a full net of services, which are included airport, hospitals, bus and train stations that allow its connection with the main cities of the country.
Airport: Bayamo Airport
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