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Colon Cemetery

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Colon Cemetery
Destination: Havana
Colon Cemetery - Address: Zapata esq. 12, Vedado. La Habana.

In Cuba's most important cemetery, the Necropolis Cristobal Colon. The inside entrance to the cemetery took eight years to build. The top marble was imported from Italy.

Beautifully carved marble tombs and mausoleums lay orderly by the streets and avenues in the lush city of the dead, resting famous figures such as General Maximo Gomez, among others.

The most visited grave in the cemetery, Amelia Goyri de Hoz (the Miraculaus One) is noted for granting miracles to Cubans. Amelia Goyri de Adot died in the early 20th century while giving birth to her child. Legend has it that, she died during child birth and was laid to rest with her child at her feet. When the grave was later opened, her child was in her arms. Her husband, who visited daily, always "backed out" rather than turning his back on her. Since then, She has achieved an unofficial status of sanctity, and has developed a large group of followers. Pilgrims, many of them pregnant women, visit and lay flowers on the tombs, then leave without turning their backs. To this day there's always fresh flowers on the grave and visitors continue to "back out".

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