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French Tumba

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French Tumba
Destination: Santiago de Cuba
French Tumba - Address: Santiago de Cuba city, Cuba

French landowners, who ran away with their slaves during the Haitian Revolution on 1791, found new place at zones from the Cuban Orient, mainly in Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo.

In this process, a sort of dancing known as Tumba Francesa came up in which the Negroes, using Patois or Creole language, used to imitate the dancing style of their French masters.

The Tumba Francesa is distinguished from other African dancing due the costumes used by its members and the dancing style, its movements are related to the so-called ballroom dancing, where men and women move together with softness and elegance, without rising their feet from the floor. The discreet and charm movements present through the dresses and robes` cadenza featured this style.

Many of these slaves that obtained their freedom, were organized on different societies, among which we can highlight the Sociedad de Tumba Francesa Lafayette, which honored the notable French general. Around 1905, this name is substituted by Sociedad de Tumba Francesa La Caridad de Oriente.

Tumba is a conga voice meaning revelry or party in terms of Banta language. In Cuba Tumba is the mix of drums, chants and styled dancing, adding the refined tint of the French-born Negroes. These cadences were performed at public squares or open-air places.

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