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Destination: Baracoa
Duaba - Address: 3 km to the baracoa west

Duaba , National Monument, from December of 1979.
In beach Duaba, Antonio Maceo and other expeditionary, disembarked April 1, 1895. The place is to 3 km for the part west of the head of Baracoa.
Beach Duaba shows a glorious executorship because in it one of the biggest and momentous facts in the war happened (initiate February 24 1895): the arrival of 23 revolutionaries in the english schooner Honor, directed by the general Antonio Maceo and Flower Crombet.
When disembarking the expeditionary, kissing the Cuban earth, they made solemn promises to carry out the biggest efforts for the victory of the liberal ideal and independent of their homeland, or to die in the war.
After the disembark, they headed to the village of Duaba and camped in Pedro Godoy small elevation, place where the General Antonio Maceo militarily organized to the expeditionary, establishing guards and sentries, and it dictated the first orders to maintain the men in foot of war and to repel any Spanish aggression.

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