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Restaurant Al medina

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Restaurant Al medina
Destination: Havana
Restaurant Al medina - Address: Oficios No 12, Old Havana

The Restaurant Al Medina it's the good known of the few Havana restaurants that sell Arab cuisine plates. Their offer is not so wide, but one can eat, as much the main plate as the garnish, accord with the Middle East customs. In connection with other places, their prices are means.
The decoration is simple, based on the architectural reasons of the building, the arches, the galleries wood and the roof. Although the building is a little deteriorated, the atmosphere of the interior patio, with its plants, its aviaries and its tapestries, is pleasant.
To the entrance a porter awaits dressed with typical suit. They serve chicken, red meats, fish and prepared shellfish according to the recipes of the Arab cuisine.
Typical plates: Tadjin and Houmus.

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