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Salto del Caburni
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Salto del Caburni
Destination: Topes de Collantes
Salto del Caburni - Address: Escambray, Cuba

Caburní Falls, the largest in Cuba, is about 6km from the center of Topes de Collantes. To reach the Salto del Caburní must cross the forest and is half way down river. Download is really easy and may take you only 1 hour. But the road back is really difficult and can take up to 3 hours in some cases. At the beginning and end of the road is a small house that sells fresh fruit juices.
Caburni Falls, at about 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) is the most popular hike through coffee plantations, traditional farmers houses, and cliffs to end in Caburni river which falls from a 62 meters (203 ft) rock wall into a series of ponds.

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