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Central Train Station of Havana

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Central Train Station of Havana
Destination: Havana
Central Train Station of Havana - Address: Egido y Arsenal, La Habana Vieja

Central Train Station of Havana In the place where it was the demolished Military Arsenal, it was built in 1912 the Central Train Station that substituted to the first Havana station of trains, the one of Villanueva, located in the land that today occupies the National Capitol. Cuba had railroad from 1837, and it was one of the first countries of the world with this service.

November 30, 1912 were officially inaugurated the building, like centre of operations of the company United Railroads of Cuba and of the Central Havana Railroad.

The beautiful construction, copies elements of the Spanish renaissance, it had been built by the company Snare Twiests and the main architects were J. W. Stickney and Mac Nicol.

The Central Station, from its same projection was motive of controversies because the space in that it would be built, was the famous Arsenal, place where the Spanish Crown one of the most important navy in the whole empire had installed, where the pieces of the ships were fabricated, the ships were assembled and the launch was made.

Between 1724 and 1913 they left of there 49 ships, 22 frigates, 7 packets, 9 brigs, 14 schooners and 4 pontoons. The place was one of the faces of the bloom of the city, but the convulsive years that Spain lived in the XIX century, it made the construction of ships in Cuba to lose interest for the metropolises.

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