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Iguanas Island
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Iguanas Island
Destination: Cayo Largo
Iguanas Island - Address: Isla de Las Iguanas, Cayo Largo del Sur, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba

The Cuban iguana (Cyclura nubile) it’s an endemic subspecies of green colour, of the Cyclura nubile species. This included inside the saurian reptiles gender, of compressed body, small flakes in the back, long and laterally compressed tail, with a traverse pleat from the skin to the throat and a thorny crest along the back.

The Iguana inhabits the entirety of the counties, keys and islands that form the Cuban archipelago. It can be found in trees and grottos fundamentally coastal, their meat, the same as the eggs are eatable.

The iguana diet is based essentially on foods of vegetable origin. Of the cacti they ingest everything and very in particular flowers and fruits. The mature ones complete their feeding with other coastal plants, of which ingest quite big quantities.

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