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El Yunque of Baracoa

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El Yunque of Baracoa
Destination: Baracoa
El Yunque of Baracoa - Address: Baracoa, Guantanamo province, Cuba

El Yunque de Baracoa . It’s the symbol of Baracoa, the prevailed city of Cuba. Geographical site of great significance for their natural and environmental values. Christopher Columbus makes reference to the Yunque in his sailing diary to his arrival to Baracoa.
It’s located approximately to 10 Km. of the city of Baracoa. The Yunque constitutes the most famous elevation in the province. It has a height between 400 m and 575 m, presenting a similar form that of a work anvil to hit metals and it constitutes a true artistic work of the nature.
It has their peak with plane slope lightly inclined, very rough, standing out important fields of dog tooth, casimbas and small dolinas. In the borders of the calcareous cap the slope finishes off abruptly in an it escarps very marked, in which cracks or small caves are developed.
In the base a wide erosive relief is presented with many intermittent streams that form small alluvial valleys, besides the existence of furrows. In the elevation or plateau evidences of streams that cross it don't exist. It possesses vegetation and a very varied fauna, with endemic species.
This place, declared National Monument, it possesses natural, historical, environmental and cultural values. It's inside a protected area. It’s part of the reservation of the biosphere, "Cuchillas del Toa", with the category of Outstanding Natural Element.
It is a place with remarkable aesthetic value inside the Cuban nature, in the most oriental region in the country. It is visible from any point of the city of Baracoa. It is a natural place with degree of protection value 1.

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