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Arqueologic Museum of Baracoa

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Arqueologic Museum of Baracoa
Destination: Baracoa
Arqueologic Museum of Baracoa - Address:

Arqueologic Museum of Baracoa :In the heights of Seboruco, about a hundred meters above sea level, a museum sui generis is erected: between stalactites and stalagmites cabinets appear with objects of incommensurable value for the Cuban archaeology, among them a skeleton, that the specialists assure could belong to the cacique Guamá, first rebellious leader, main character of a resistance that lasted ten years against the Spanish conquerors. The Caves of the Paradise, at the City of Baracoa, it’s a forced visit for the lovers of the archaeology. The hole covers in three rooms crowned by a funeral grotto with aboriginal cadavers in situ: Petroglifos, archaic Culture, and Culture Taína, with unique pieces that include objects of the Mayan and Incan art. Baracoa and Maisí are the cradle of the Cuban archaeology, In the area, in 1847 the Spanish geographer Miguel Rodríguez Ferrer discovered the first piece that one has news in the Island: group of aboriginal calvarias to which followed the famous Axe of Ponce, only of their type in Cuba and at the moment in Spain. The Cemí, idol of the tobacco among the indigenous ones, adopted as symbol of the county of Guantánamo. This area was center of the development of the cultures araucas and exist more than 300 archaeological places. At the present time between Baracoa and Maisí there are more than 500 stone engravings.. The Archaeological Society of Baracoa, it was founded in 1977, under the doctor's auspices Antonio Núñez Jiménez; the archaeologist Ramón Dacal and the anthropologist Manuel Rivero de la calle.

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