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Baconao Car Museum

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Baconao Car Museum
Destination: Santiago de Cuba
Baconao Car Museum - Address: Baconao park, Santiago de Cuba.

The Automobile Museum of Baconao, was founded by Martha Arjona, Cuba’s National Patrimony director, in January 29, 1986. The Museum welcomed in first instance a donation of miniatures cars, delivered by Mr. Fermín Fernández Hurtado, in expression of beloved friendship for the people and Cuban Revolution.
The National Museum of the Transport, only of their type in Cuba, it is located in the geographical centre of the tourist area GREAT PARK BACONAO, to 25 kilometres of Santiago de Cuba city, and it is erected as Historical Patrimony and national pride, since it treasures in their 1 956 square meters, a collection of more than 2700 miniature cars and 44 to real size, where the history of the terrestrial transport is described, from the invention of the wheel until the last electronic technology in the internal combustion motors.
To arrive at the Transport Museum, is to travel in the time machine.
Impress the cars thrown by human beings that were used to build the famous Greek Parthenon, the Eskimo sleds, the ingenious vapour motors, the invention of the rubber wheel, of the spark plugs, the history of Firemen Red Cruz cars.
It is absolute privilege to see replicas of the automobiles used by world personalities as Vladimir Ilich Lenin, the Japanese Emperor Hirohito, Stalin, Hitler and Charles Chaplin.
Collection valued in three million and half dollars, is the one that stores this institution, only of its type in Cuba, and call to become for its importance and significance, in the Mecca of the classic, old and modern cars of the national territory.

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