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Restaurant - Cafeteria in Cuba
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Al Capone Summer House
Al Capone Summer House Destination: Varadero
Al Capone Summer House . Even Mafia boss Al Capone used to take his vacations here and you can still visit his summer house now famous restaurant.
Cafeteria El Portal
Cafeteria El Portal Destination: Havana
The Cafeteria El Portal is a great place to delight with a drink and a slight meal for the day or at night. The tables of indoors are more expensive and we recommend those that have balcony in the second floor, with some excellent views of Plaza de la Catedral.
Cafeteria Karl Marx
Cafeteria Karl Marx Destination: Havana
Cafeteria Karl Marx , situated in the building of the Karl Marx theatre, this is a huge restaurant-cafeteria.
Centro de Negocios Miramar, Trade Center
Centro de Negocios Miramar, Trade Center Destination: Havana
Centro de Negocios Miramar, Miramar Trade Center
Dos Gardenias Complex
Dos Gardenias Complex Destination: Havana
Dos Gardenias Complex. It's next to the famous restaurant El Aljibe .
The shop and restaurant centre, Dos Gardenias, housing three restaurants: an Italian one, an Asian one, and a Caribbean grill, specialized in Cuban cuisine.
Josone Park
Josone Park Destination: Varadero
Josone Park, in the center of Varadero, is a nature area with restaurants and cultural events. The park covers nine hectares of grounds, most of which have been left in their natural state.
La Chorrera Tower
La Chorrera Tower Destination: Havana
La Maison
La Maison Destination: Havana
La Maison. Since the 1970s La Maison has been best known for its fashion shows, but these days it also has a small cabaret and a piano bar with comedians and karaoke.
La Terraza Restaurant
La Terraza Restaurant Destination: Havana
At this place Ernest Hemingway was many times, and he usually ate there with Santiago, his Cuban skipper of the boat Pilar.
La Zaragozana Restaurant
La Zaragozana Restaurant Destination: Havana
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