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Baracoa interesting places

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Arqueologic Museum of Baracoa
Arqueologic Museum of Baracoa Destination: Baracoa
Archaeological Sites in Cuba, Museum of Baracoa :In the heights of Seboruco, about a hundred meters above sea level, a museum sui generis is erected: between stalactites and stalagmites cabinets appear with objects of incommensurable value for the Cuban archaeology
Cathedral of Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion
Cathedral of Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion Destination: Baracoa
Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion. Within it resides the Cruz de La Parra, a cross that Christopher Columbus erected.
Duaba Destination: Baracoa
Duaba , National Monument, from December of 1979.
In beach Duaba, Antonio Maceo and other expeditionary, disembarked April 1, 1895. The place is to 3 km for the part west of the head of Baracoa.
El Yunque of Baracoa
El Yunque of Baracoa Destination: Baracoa
El Yunque de Baracoa . It’s the symbol of Baracoa, the prevailed city of Cuba. Geographical site of great significance for their natural and environmental values. Christopher Columbus makes reference to the Yunque in his sailing diary to his arrival to Baracoa.
Matachin Fort
Matachin Fort Destination: Baracoa
Matachin Fort. On October 10, 1981 took place the inauguration of the Museum Matachin in this fortification, presenting a brief synthesis of the history of Baracoa,
Stone Zoo Park
Stone Zoo Park Destination: Baracoa
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