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If you are looking for How to book a hotel in Cuba from abroad online, you are in the right place, here you will find rates, prices, offers, photos of hotels and all the necessary information to book hotel rooms online in Cuba ....
Select through our cuba hotels search engine the Hotel you like, here you can find cheap hotels, 5 star hotels, all-inclusive hotels, B & B hotels, choose the hotel and meal plan you prefer, or you may prefer to choose the hotel depending on your destination of preference in Cuba or a hotel near some tourist attractions in Cuba and places of interest for you, or you may want our team to suggest a hotel according to your needs.

Once the hotel has been chosen, you must fill out the corresponding form, be sure to clarify the number of days of lodging and the number of people, as well as the correct date of the reservation, you will immediately receive a confirmation from our commercial team, which once made your pre-reservation, verify the availability of the hotel and will contact you in less than 24 hours, to send you the invoice of your reservation, as well as any other additional information.
Once the reservation of your hotel has been confirmed and the reservation details have been accepted, we will send you an email where we will explain the procedure you must follow to make the online payment of your bill.
Any additional questions or if you need any other service in Cuba, such as preparing a tour with a group of friends or family, car rental, transfers, domestic flights, etc, our sales team will do what is necessary to ensure the service through our Travel Agency in Cuba.

* Please bear in mind our office open hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Fridays.
If you require an urgent response please call us telephone 535 2851128.
We appreciate your question and observations.
Please, fill the following form and submit it. Our commercial staff will contact you very soon in order to help you. Thank you
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