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Travel to Cuba Information.

Como Reservar hoteles en Cuba?
If you are looking how to book a hotel in Cuba, you are in the right place. Select through our hotels search engine, the hotel of your liking, you can find cheap hotels, 5 star hotels, all inclusive hotels, Hotels B & B, choose a hotel and meal plan that you prefer, or you may choose the hotel depending on your preferred destination in Cuba or a hotel near tourist attractions and places of interest to you, or maybe you want our team to suggest a hotel according to your needs.
Once chosen the hotel, you must complete the appropriate form, be sure to clarify the number of stay days and the number of people, as well as the correct date of the reservation, you will immediately receive a confirmation of our sales team, which once made its pre-booking, and check hotel availability and will contact you within 24 hours to send the bill for your reservation, and any other information.
Once you confirm your hotel reservation and accepted the booking details, we will send an email which will explain the procedure to be followed for payment of your bill online.
Any additional questions or if you need any other service in Cuba, such as making a trip with a group of friends or family, car rental, transfers, domestic flights, our sales team will do everything necessary to ensure the service through our Travel Agency in Cuba.
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Is Cuba a safe country for tourists ?
Cuba has the lowest crime rate and is considered the safest country in the world.
Nonetheless, we recommend that you use the safety deposit boxes available in most hotels. We advise you make a photocopy of your passport prior to your departure and carry it with you on outings and leave your original passport in the hotel safe along with the extra money, travelers checks and airline tickets. Normal precautions for foreign travel should be followed.
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Do I need a Visa to go to Cuba?
Those who visit the country should have an effective passport or a trip document under their name and the corresponding visa or the tourist's card. This will be available on request in the Cuban consular representations in foreign countries.

There are two types of visa or tourist's card available: one for individual tourists or tourists that travel in groups.

Business men, journalists in work function and Cubans who do not reside in Cuba or that possess another nationality can obtain a Visa via the Cuban consulate.
To those who reside in the United States entrance to our country is not consigned by government officials.
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Which are main destinations and attractiveness Cuba?
With the purpose that all of Cuba is a tourist destination of first order, the development of the sector in the country is integrated to offer the visitors different options that increase our competitiveness and the possibility of knowing the whole archipelago, several regions exists, all with its own image, in function of the markets and segments that you will love to capture.

Main destinations Cuba Hotels:

La Habana
Cayo Guillermo
Cayo Coco
Cayo Largo del Sur
Santiago de Cuba
Santa Lucia de Cuba
Pinar del Río
Península de Zapata
Villa Clara
Las Tunas
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Is medical attention guaranteed in all Cuban hotels?
More than 95 % of the hotels have a doctor that guarantees the patient´s primary attention.There also exists, eight international clinics for treatments that demand more care in Pinar del Rio, Varadero, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Cayo Coco, Santa Lucia, Guardalavaca and Santiago de Cuba
It is advisable that all tourists that travel to Cuba are aided by a policy of assurance that can also be acquired in the Island through the company of attendance to the traveller
Asistur S.A.
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Can I take photographs and movies freely into Cuba?
You can take pictures and movies freely, except in restricted areas and those signalled to be of military character and others. The museums and some places of interest have specific regulations.
For the pictures in colours, the best schedule is between the 09:30 hours and the 11:30 hours, and after the 16:00 hours
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Does my cell phone work in Cuba?
You can bring you cellular phone into Cuba: there exists a wide covering to the clients of any operator with which CUBACEL has roaming agreements. You can activate the service automatically since you arrive in Cuba. If the client is on a monthly contract, that is not pay as you go, you can activate with the operator the service of International Roaming, and if the terminal that uses is compatible with the characteristics of our net, that is to say that it supports the band of the 900 MHz. When arriving in Cuba in order activate your cell phone, simply switch it on it should register automatically in our net. It will show on the display 368-01 / CU-CCOM / CUBACEL, in dependence of the configuration of the telephone. But, in case the automatic registration is not achieved, it should be indicated the visitor that carries out the manual selection of net through the options of menu of the telephone. For more information visits CUBACEL
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How can I extend my stay permission in Cuba ?
To their arrival to the country you should have their passport not with validity smaller than six months and their visa or entrance permission. The visa can be sent by a term of 30 days; later if you want to extend your stay, you can go to the offices of Immigration and Alienage before the expiration date of the visa in order to request the extension of your Visa.
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How is the nightlife in Varadero?
The format of the night life in Varadero is very similar to the European format, with big discos that offer European music predominantly. On the contrary, the entertainment that offers in the hotels is truly of world class or better. The night shows, theatres, dance and small discos are the norm and, like we said, they are very good. The shows are particularly creative with inclination toward the local culture. Families with children can count on good entertainment for all the ages.
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Can I carry out trips toward other areas of Cuba from Varadero?
Yes, and this is very common. After some days pass in Varadero, you will want to visit other areas in Cuba. The most popular trips are to Colonial Havana and Trinidad. Both take two hours in a bus and they offer an excellent panoramic view of each place in one day. It is recommended you reserve in advance in order to guarantee your trips from Varadero to other places in Cuba.
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Are there beaches in Havana?
In the city of Havana there are no beaches, but Havana covers more than 70 Km. of coastal line and this way, the Beaches of the East are inside Havana, but 25 Km. downtown. To visit the beaches you are required a car or a bus service (we recommend the first one). Those who want to visit the beach they can stay in the city and then stay in hotels closer to the beach. It is as easy as driving 20km and you will find luxurious beaches typical of the Caribbean. The so called "Playas del Este" east from Havana.
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How is the nightlife in Havana?
Wonderful, would be the most precise word. From welcoming bars to big discos, Havana has everything. Many visitors enjoy the small bars located in the patios of many historical places with the light rhythm of the numerous travelling musicians and the street entertainment.
The Cubans make an entire party and their open nature means that soon you will make friends if you want to. The Jazz bars include El Gato Tuerto , Jazz Cafe and La Zorra y el Cuervo among other, the music is plentiful and it is often fantastic.
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Is Havana a good place to begin a trip to Cuba?
Yes. Havana provides a good initiation in the knowledge of Cuba and excellent options of international flights of arrival supplemented with national flights and connections of transport with smaller prices to other areas of the island. This is particularly the case if you seek to visit other main cities as Santiago de Cuba, Holguín, Pinar del Rio, La isla de la Juventud, etc.
This place offers all the available options of transport toward those regions.
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What percent of Cubans speak English or Italian?
A great quantity of Cubans speaks some English and Italian but most are not specialist in it. However communication is possible.

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What currencies circulate in Cuba ?
The whole system of prices settled down in the tourist places of the country is Peso Convertible ( CUC ) that substitutes the circulation of the foreign currencies in the country, with this currency all the services available and products can be obtained in Cuba, although certain services and products can also be obtained in Cuban pesos (not convertible), mainly products in sale in agricultural markets and foods offered by salespersons in the street (example: pizzas,hot dogs), taxis and buses.
The change of foreign currencies for convertible pesos is carried out in airports, banks, hotels, houses of change and big stores. However, it is necessary to make notice that the change of American dollars for convertible pesos is burdened with a tax of 10%, for that reason it would be convenient for travellers to bring cash in Canadian dollars, Euro, Pounds or Swiss francs whose change is not burdened with taxes.
The Euro is a currency with free circulation in Varadero, Jardines del Rey, Santa Lucia Beach, Covarrubias Beach, Cayo Largo.
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Which wardrobe is more appropriate in Cuba?
Cotton dresses and similar they are those more appropriate during almost the whole year, however it is necessary to keep in mind that from October final and until March in Cuba is frequent the entrance of cold fronts and mainly in the months of December, January and February it happen sometimes minimum temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius (Fahrenheit 40 degrees).
For this year time it is necessary to have a slight sweater of wool or gabardine.
In rainy season (May to October) it is advisable to have a raincoat fast.
Although the informal clothes (jeans, short, T-shirt, etc.) it is well in almost all the places, to attend theaters, deluxe restaurants, concert rooms and other it is required of more formal clothes, in most of these places a long sleeves shirt and a tie will be enough, without discarding the use of sacks that is not uncommon
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What is the corresponding exchange of Cuban convertible pesos to foreign currencies?
This is time dependant, as the exchange can rise or fall as in any economy.
You can check the exchange rate of the CUC for other foreign currencies in the web place of Central Bank of Cuba
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What customs regulations exists?
Aduana de la Republica de Cuba
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Do I need a travel insurance policy to cover medical expenses to enter in Cuba?
Yes. Beginning May 1st 2010, Cuba will require all travelers, foreigners and Cubans living abroad, a travel insurance policy to cover medical expenses, in order to enter the country.
To fulfill this demand, the traveller should have a travel insurance that includes
medical expenses or a medical expenses policy, with cover inside of Cuba.
The policy should be acquired in the country of residence. Those travellers that exceptionally don’t have the insurance at their arrival, they will be able to acquire a policy with insurance and assistance cover subscribed by Cuban insurance companies at the airport, port or marines.
The travel insurances subscribed by Cuban insurance companies and by most of the
international insurance companies have the ASISTUR Assistance Services in trip
inside of Cuba. It is a 24 hours service during 365 days of the year.
According to statistics, more than 80 per cent of persons who visit Cuba at the moment; have an insurance provided by companies of their country of residence.
This insurance covers the medical expenses in Cuba.
In the case of residents in the United States that travel directly to Cuba, they will
have to acquire a policy with Cuban insurance cover in the country of residence.
This policy is marketed through a network of agencies associated to HAVANATUR - CELIMAR
, due to the impossibility for North American insurance companies to guarantee covering in the national territory.
The traveller who is checked when arriving to the country, should show the policy,
certificate of insurance or travel assistance card, which is valid during the stay in
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What is the best time to travel to Cuba?
Cuba enjoys a warm, tropical climate throughout the year, the best time for visit Cuba is during the winter months from November to April.
March, April October and November are the months with the nicest weather and less rain.
The high season in Cuba is July and August, but is also the warmest.
Peak Season is December, January and February.
Hurricane season is from June 1 till November 30.
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How much money should I take to Cuba on my vacations?
In general the beers and sodas vary of 1 up to 2 CUC, a meal in a medium restaurant, varies among 10 up to 15 CUC for person. Be sure to save 25 CUC per person to pay the departure tax.
Euro, Canadian dollars, pounds sterling and Swiss francs, may be exchanged for convertible pesos and have a better exchange rate. Do not take American dollars; there is a 10% penalty to change it. Try to bring only 5, 10, 20 bills and not 50 bills and changing them at the Cuban airport money exchange when you enter Cuba or at the Hotel front desk where you are staying.
Travellers can exchange money at the airport, hotels, banks and exchange offices (CADECA).
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