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Caverns in Cuba

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Bellamar Cave
Bellamar Cave Destination: Matanzas
Bellamar Cave . They were discovered in February 1861. Located in a region of loamy limestone marine terraces, it is 3,1 kms. Tours cover 1500 m (5000 feet) of it.
Cueva del Pirata ( Cave of the Pirate )
Cueva del Pirata ( Cave of the Pirate ) Destination: Varadero
Cabarets in Cuba, Cueva del Pirata ( Pirate's Cave ), Varadero, Cuba. This is a natural cave that has been turned into a cabaret and that also functions as a Cuban dance school.
La Cueva del Indio - Indio Cave Vinales
La Cueva del Indio - Indio Cave Vinales Destination: Vinales
La Cueva del Indio (Indio Cave), in Pinar del Rio, it was discovered in the decade of 1920, it presents paintings and there have been discovered remains of the utensils and funerals of Precolombine cultures. The river that runs inside this cave is the San Juan. The Cave of the Indian is a cavern that reaches up to 300 meters of extension.
San Ambrosio Cave
San Ambrosio Cave Destination: Varadero
The San Ambrosio's Cave , with its cave art, is an important archeological site.
The Cave of Muslims
The Cave of Muslims Destination: Varadero
The Cave of Muslims , famous for their ceremonial relevance in the Siboney culture. A reconstructed burial found in the cave complex. It is a labyrinth of small caves with access to a few larger rooms.
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