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Museums in Cuba

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Arqueologic Museum of Baracoa
Arqueologic Museum of Baracoa Destination: Baracoa
Archaeological Sites in Cuba, Museum of Baracoa :In the heights of Seboruco, about a hundred meters above sea level, a museum sui generis is erected: between stalactites and stalagmites cabinets appear with objects of incommensurable value for the Cuban archaeology
Baconao Car Museum
Baconao Car Museum Destination: Santiago de Cuba
The Automobile Museum of Baconao, was founded by Martha Arjona, Cuba’s National Patrimony director, in January 29, 1986. The Museum welcomed in first instance a donation of miniatures cars, delivered by Mr. Fermín Fernández Hurtado, in expression of beloved friendship for the people and Cuban Revolution.
Bay of Pigs Batle Museum
Bay of Pigs Batle Museum Destination: Peninsula de Zapata
As a testimony of the invasion, the museum displays in its halls a wide collection constituted by photographic material, weapons and equipment used by the mercenaries and the Cuban troops that defended our territory and personal items captured from the mercenaries.
Birth home of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes
Birth home of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Destination: Bayamo
Birth home of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes . The building survived the burning of the city in 1869. Having a high historical and patriotic value, the objects belonging to Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, also known as "The Father of the Homeland", leader of the independence movement that blew up on October 10, 1868 are exhibited there.
Birth Home of Jose Marti
Birth Home of Jose Marti Destination: Old Havana
Birth Home of Jose Marti. It keeps family and personal belongings of Cuba National Hero Jose Marti. He was one of the most outstanding figures of Latin-American literature of the 19th century.
Captain General Palace
Captain General Palace Destination: Havana
It is located in the ancient Captain General's Palace, seat of the Spanish governments in the island from 1781 to 1899 and of the presidency of the republic from 1902 to 1920.
Coffee Plantation La Isabelica
Coffee Plantation La Isabelica Destination: Santiago de Cuba
Coffee Plantation La Isabelica Archaeological Landscape of the First Coffee Plantations in the Southeast of Cuba. Property inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2000.
Conde de Lombillo House
Conde de Lombillo House Destination: Havana
Conde de Lombillo House . Built in 1730. At the moment it is headquarters of the museum of the Education.
Diego Velazquez House
Diego Velazquez House Destination: Santiago de Cuba
Diego Velazquez House . The oldest spanish house in America. There is a collection of colonial furniture.
Emilio Bacardi Moreau Museum
Emilio Bacardi Moreau Museum Destination: Santiago de Cuba
Private art and antique collection of Emilio Bacardi.
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