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Way of Payment

Procedure to make use of our services will receive your request for travel services in Cuba through the reservations system of our website. You will receive an automatic message with your request ID.

Our commercial agents in Cuba will be in charge of your request and will check for availability of the services with the providers in Cuba. You will receive an e-mail confirming availability and prices of such items you are booking in Cuba. If any item is not available as requested we will suggest alternative but similar services.

Once you confirm your satisfaction with the reservation details, we will send you an invoice by e-mail. The invoice will include the payments procedures described below. The prices on the invoice will be in USD.

Exceptionally in Cash (CUC) in Cuba.Convertible Pesos(CUC).

Others currencies accepted in Cuba: Euro, Canadian dollars, pounds sterling and Swiss francs, may be exchanged for convertible pesos, always bearing in mind that one convertible peso is equal to one US dollar. Travelers can exchange money at the airport, hotels, banks and exchange offices (CADECA).

Payment Instructions
Shall be paid at least one day as advanced payment, through credit card Visa or MasterCard. The rest of the amount could be paid with the same credit card or in cash.

Fax numbers
(53-7) 2048244

If guarantee payment has not be done one week before arrival date, the reservation could be cancelled.

Any doubt, please contact us

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